All About Online Marketing

All About Online Marketing

There’s a new world out here and it’s not on land

Online marketing encompasses a lot of different things. You see, the the term online summons the much bigger “on the internet” and to market online you must first understand what the internet is and the power that it has.

World Wide Web

It started in 100 AD when blah blah. It is a network of computers called servers that all have files on them that can be reached by any other computer connected to the internet that gains access to the file that they’re looking for from the server in which it is hosted.

Types of Online Marketing



  • Newsletter
      • Promotional / Informative
        • Contacting leads


        • Social Networking
            • Bookmarking sites
              • Media sharing
                • Blogs and forums
                  • Microblogging

                  My Advice to You

                  • Strategy
                      • Define your vision
                        • Know your target market
                          • Bookmark this page

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