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In the heart of Los Angeles, Red Pig Video is an Animation Studio that specializes in creating 2D Animations. We use motion graphics to bring to life your content marketing strategy. Whatever message you’re trying to get across, be sure that a business animation will do the trick.

2D Animation is Great for Content Marketing

Creating an explanation video so that the people who are looking to purchase your goods or services are fully aware of why you’re the best company for the job is priceless. When someone searches for your service, they will find you, know that you are an authority because you’ve created animated videos.

Animation Production is Affordable

It’s not easy to film visuals that don’t exist. With Red Pig Video, the Los Angeles Animation Studio that is great at making creative visuals with 2D motion graphics, you can skip the high cost of live-action video production. 2D animation is easy to write, storyboard, and animate. Even though the cost of animation is low, you still get the same amount of comprehension from your audience.

The Best Los Angeles Animation Studio

We take pride in providing a quick and straight forward animation process. From when you first contact us, to the final delivery it is very easy to get a project done. Just let us know what you’re looking for on our get a quote page, then we’ll send you back our thoughts along with a standardized price structure.

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