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Aerial Videography

A great way to boost viral marketing and add eye-catching visual to your videos is to utilize aerial videography. This new trend uses advanced cameras operated by flying drones to capture images that offer a new perspective compared to traditional ground-level filming. So how can your business benefit? Well first of all, aerial videos are […]

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Real Estate Marketing with Video

Stay Trendy Having an online presence is extremely important when branding your company; especially since 90% of homebuyers turn to the internet when buying a home. So, to help build your online presence it’s important to keep up with trends like using video, social media for promotion, and having a killer website that features videos. […]

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The Cost of Video Marketing

From Neanderthals to Know-it-alls We’ve come a long way in the advancement of video production. Shooting and equipment costs have lowered over the years making viral marketing more available for businesses. When it comes to video production, though, the saying “you get what you pay for” still applies. How much does it cost? The first […]

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Viral Marketing is More Than Just Making Videos

So you understand the importance of video when it comes to marketing. Now it’s time to consider the things that make your video stand out from all the others. Spicy Titles: Even my title about titles caught your attention. See it’s importance? A factor in getting people to click the play button is having an […]

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Guerilla Marketing with Video

Shock value can come in handy when it comes to advertising. The quickest way to get your name out there is to create buzz. Of course, if you’re just starting out, then advertising may seem like an expensive investment. That’s where guerilla marketing comes into play. What is Guerilla Marketing? Guerilla marketing is an advertising […]

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