How Effective are Motion Graphics?

How Effective are Motion Graphics?


Motion Graphics are everywhere nowadays.The reason behind it is simple: Motion Graphics communicate your data in a visual and aesthetically pleasing way. Motion graphics can take a topic that is incredibly… well… boring…. and make it interesting and captivating to the ever-attention-shifting population of the world.

One great example of motion graphics in use is Explainer Animations. In Explainer Animations, you can clearly and cleverly communicate your idea, product, or brand while also captivating your target market and keeping their attention, while also driving traffic and creating conversion for you. According to Invodo, 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. What better way to communicate to your audience than colorful, moving shapes, images, and typography? People who watch videos retain up to 65% of the information that they watched, vs people who read informative text, only retaining 10%. This can make all the difference in your site! Don’t you want people to remember you? Motion graphics are an awesome way to make a strong impact while also maintaining a friendly feel. This brings in a broader range of people to your site and helps to keep your users attention, with not only beatiful visuals, but also with audio.


Another huge benefit to Motion Graphics is that it can explain more than what a simple picture can. Using quality information and content to fluidly express your idea, you can rapidly communicate more information than even an infographic could. It would be like seeing two presentations at your office: one with a couple of pictures and mostly text, or one with moving images, giving a fun and entertaining presentation. Which would you choose? Especially when it comes to a complicated idea or difficult-to-explain concept, motion graphics can help visually organize, step-by-step, what your business is trying to convey in an entertaining and effective way.(Creative Motion Graphics)


Lastly, motion graphics can be a superhero when it comes to click-thru and conversion rates. With an informational and inviting motion graphic, you’re more likely to have people share the video and draw traffic to your site. It increases your authenticity and credibility and is more convincing as a call to action tool, according to 87 Seconds. Websites who have videos have a 20% higher conversion rate and make users stay on the site longer, in turn, giving you a longer time to make a good impression.


Motion Graphics is the way to do it. Engage your audience, say what you want the people to hear, and keep people coming back for more.

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