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RED PIG VIDEO Marketing San Francisco Video Production

Video Production San Francisco


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Video Marketing San Francisco

Our Services:



Explainer Animation

Motion Graphics videos are the most effective way to share your complex message. We can’t shoot a dragon without a huge budget, but we can animate one sitting at a computer.


Live-Action Video

We can showcase your store, script & storyboard a creative commercial, or shoot a professional bio video to show and tell your potential clients who you are while building trust.


Aerial Videography

Using aerial video flips your viewers perspective, delivering dramatic and cinematic views of whatever you may need – from real estate listing videos to car dealership marketing videos.


Animated Marketing Videos

Do you like to read a lot of text? No? Not surprising. We’ve been conditioned to want to skim through information to use the very least amount of time and effort possible to obtain the information. Explainer video animations are the very best for that because they’re real quick, to the point and get your potential clients to know everything they need to know in a matter of seconds.

App Animated Explainer


B2B Explainer Animation


Services Explainer Video



Live-Action & Drone Video

Since the creation of the internet, live action video advertising has become more effective than ever. Additionally, with the recent advent of aerial video via drone technology, we can shoot epic scenes from an aerial perspective like never before. Now is the best time in history to use video for your marketing & advertising campaign.

Aerial Real Estate Promo


SD Symphony Web Video


Non-Profit Bio






We meet face-to-face and talk about your objectives for the project. We them come up with a storyboard and guide you through writing a script.



We proceed with shooting the video as planned. We continue production until we are confident we have the footage we need to achieve our plan.



The magic happens. During this stage we work closely together to make sure that what we’re editing is exactly what you wanted.

Santa Monica Video Marketing
San Francisco Video Marketing

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Red Pig Video offers video production services that are convenient and affordable. From company biographies to animated explainer videos, we work closely with our clients, value their creative ideas, and involve them to be a part of the creative process.

Why use video marketing in San Francisco?

If you’re a business in the San Francisco area we can work with you to create explainer videos that will reach your target local audience. We can help create explainer animations, corporate videos, and internet marketing strategies that will boost your brand and your overall business.

Why Use Video Marketing?
Video Production in California California?
What is the Video Production process?

Beginning with an initial consultation, the video production process begins. Bounce ideas off of us and create a script that we will then begin storyboarding. Upon approval, we produce the visuals for your video. From hiring talent, transportation of video production gear and getting the shots.

What is Online Marketing Design?

Your presence on the internet matters when it comes to running a business. How you appear online can make or break your company. Red Pig Video is here to help with things like SEO, visual design, and promotional video with our vast knowledge of the online marketing world and in-house video production capabilities.

What Is Online Marketing Design?

Ways to use Video Marketing:


Help people to understand what your business does and how they do it with a company bio video.
You can show in-depth your product and all of it’s awesome features with a product showcase video.
Fully explain your service like with no other medium using words, sounds, video or motion graphics.
There’s nothing more powerful than affirming trust in your business through a client testimonial video.
Show your audience all the offerings at your physical storefront with a captivating store tour video.
Train your employees, show safety procedures or instruct your customers how to use your products.
Creatively enter your audiences imagination with your cause, service or brands message through paid broadcasts.
Video is key to help you leverage your social network and get your idea off the ground through crowdfunding.
Like the President’s State of the Union Address, your company too can use video to release news or company updates.

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